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CIVIL-TEX Geosynthetic & Enginering materials is a JRM Engineering Services, LLC Company and it is a multi-product sourcing and engineering service company managed by a highly qualify technical staff with headquarter in Alpharetta, Georgia, USA. The administration, technical support and services its directed by its general manager/principal, Jose Roberto Montalvo, PE, MSCE. The logistic support and office management its directed by Socorro I. Montalvo, Ph.D. Additional engineers and sales support associates are located in the Caribbean and South America. Civil-Tex partners and associates all together have more than 25 years of experience in the design, marketing, and selling geosynthetics and related products. The idea is to have a group of professional experts focused in providing technical, marketing, design and specification, as well as selecting, and supplying of the most appropriate and economical geosynthetic products to our clients. Basically, The source and solution with geosynthetics in one stop. Our staff is very knowledgeable of the Latin American market and culture as well as the proper know-how of a wide range of geosynthetic materials. We provide marketing, technical, and sales services to a select group of geosynthetic manufacturers in Latin America, such as: Skaps Industries, Inc. (Woven and nonwoven polypropylene geotextiles, and geonets and composite geonets); EastCoast Erosion Blankets (temporary erosion blankets and permanent turf reinforcement mats); JDR Enterprise, Inc. (prefabricated drainage composites); Uniaxial poyester geogrids for soil reinforcement, Uniaxial and Biaxial extruded polypropylene geogrids; and others geo-products such as geomembranes, geocells, pavement reinforcement geo-composite glassgrids, geotubes, etc.

In addition, Civil-Tex provides design support and installation of geosynthetics for subgrade and base stabilization, pavement design, walls and slopes reinforcement design, drainage and filtration with geosynthetics, geosynthetic materials testing and evaluation, project management and geosynthetics installations, in particular liners, and project quality assurance.

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