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Paving Products in pavement rehabilitation are used to:

  • Prevents Moisture Penetration
  • Reduces Pavement Fatigue
  • Retards Reflective Cracking
  • Reinforces Pavement Structure

The types and functions to be considered in a particular case depend on the pavement condition, soil and environmental conditions, and traffic loading.

Civil-Tex Geosynthetics offers a serie of paving products:

  • Paving Fabrics
  • Self Adhesive Strip Membrane
  • Pro-Guard - Heavy Duty Composite Strip Membrane
  • Petro-Grid - Reinforcement Glass Grid Composite

  • Paving Fabrics. Use over stable and sound pavement structure as a moisture barrier, and to retards reflective and fatigue cracking,

    Available Styles:

    • GC130 - Contractor paving fabric
    • GC140 - Meets AASHTO M288
  • Self Adhesive Strip Membrane - For treatment over more active local pavement distress such as over joints, cracks, and potholes. A moisture barrier membrane with higher stress absorption, and thicker than a paving fabric system. Also, use for bridge deck as waterproofing membrane.

    Available Style: CT-4591

  • Pro-Guard - heavy duty composite strip membrane. For treatment of heavy loading and/or traffic pavement structures. A moisture barrier composite membrane with a high modulus top fabric. Suited for dissipates moderately to high active movement and stress of pavement joints and cracks. Use in airport taxiways and runways as well as heavy trafficked interstates highways.

    Available Style: 4592

  • Petro-Grid - A composite glass grid with/or without paving fabric interlayer. For treatment when reinforcement of the pavement structure is required. High modulus glass grid provides reinforcement to the overlay. When moisture barrier and stress absorption functions are required, Petro-Grid is combined with a paving fabric. Used over active cracks or joints in PCC, Thermal crack areas, severely cracked pavements, etc.

    Available Style:

    • 4582-50 - 50 kN/m Ten. Strength in both direction.
    • 4582PF-50 - 50 kN/m with paving fabric.
    • 4582-100 - 100 kN/m Ten. Strength in both direction.
    • 4582PF-100 - 100 kN/m with paving fabric.
    • 4582-200 - 100 kN/m CD; 200 kN/m MD.

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