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Geotextiles are proven solution to a wide range of challenges in civil and environmental engineering. They are manufactured and used to improve the performance and to reduce costs of almost all civil engineering structures. Geotextiles have many applications and functions in constructions such as:

  • Road subgrade/base Improvement
  • Railroad Ballats Separation/Stabilization
  • Pavement rehabilitation
  • Subsurface Drainage and Filtration
  • Erosion Control
  • Walls and Slopes Soil Reinforcement
  • Soft Soil Embankment Reinforcement
  • Waste Containments (Landfills, Ponds, Tunnels, etc.)
  • Silt Fence and Landscape


Civil-Tex Geosynthetics offers a wide range of woven and nonwoven geotextiles Such as:



Woven for Separation/Stabilization

  • W180
  • W200 - Meets AASHTO M288, Class 3
  • W250 - Meets AASHTO M288, Class 2
  • W270
  • W315 - Meets AASHTO M288, Class 1
  • M440 - High Strength Woven
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Woven for Drainage and Erosion Control





Woven for Silt Fence

  • W100 - Meets AASHTO M-288





Light Weight Nonwoven for Filtration and Drainage (subsurface drainage, underdrain, trench drain, etc.)

Civil Engineering Line ---------------------- Environmental Line

Moderate Weight NW for Drainage and Separation (subsurface drainage, rip rap, french drain, roadway separation, etc.)

Heavy Weight NW for Drainage and Liner Protection & RailRoad Applications

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